Our simple being

We are simples looking for the quality and for the customer satisfaction. Our chefs they have a big experience and knowledge about teasty of Italian kitchen.

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Great recipes with passion

We have a great selection of recipes by the Tuscan cuisine and Italian. Our pasta and pizzas they are tasty and delicious. Our passion and our friendly staff acompain the tasty and the flavors.

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Great Wine selction

Try the right wine acompaining your lunch or dinner, you can choise between the best italian wines.

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We care our customers to give them the best of tasty and flavors


We always prepare the food with passion and with the professionalism, we prepare with care everything, the knowledge of the typical food and the experience they made our plates uniques.

From the simple to complicate dish we always know how to make our customers satisfactions, our kitchen is rich of flavors and genuineness.

The main chef Albano grow his experience in Italy specializing in Italian Tuscan cuisine. Always working in the Tuscan cuisine including the famous restaurant Il Vapore that was received the prize with the star Michlen,  he was one of the staff chefs . He grew up with various masters of Italian cuisine today himself become a master of the kitchen composing his dishes with unique taste and passion, inToscana it's composed of a range of delicious that cooked to perfection give unique and rustic flavors full of real flavors. All the kitchen staff they have this knowledge also for the pizza section that cook the real "Italian Pizza".

Every day we doing the best and we try to give the best for the next day, our customers they fell good and they are satisfaction, we believe simplicity, and in the friendly and genuine environment. Our service completes the atmosphere of our restaurant to give our customers a lunch or a dinner in the best place while enjoying the best flavors.


You are welcome to try our specialities and our athmosphere

Toscana Foto di gruppo